Seventies singer claims back spotlight

A female vocalist may have become the first British artist to win an out-of-court settlement for a piece of music recorded over 30 years ago.

Clare Torry was paid £30 to perform on Pink Floyd’s 1973 album ‘Dark Sides of the Moon’ and was given a written credit at the time.

Yet the session singer, who contributed to the track The Great Gig in the Sky, has taken her claim to the High Court where she has won a half-share on copyright ownership on the song performed.

Although most details of the case are secret, the Daily Telegraph has reported the singer secured a cash payment with Pink Floyd and their label, EMI.

The end-figure of the settlement has not been disclosed, prompting experts to speculate that the sum could have run into the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

It is understood that the argument which convinced the High Court, rested on claims that Ms Torry had employed a special wailing technique, recorded in a series of sessions, which effectively helped compose the track.

The song’s album, Dark Sides of the Moon, subsequently stayed in the charts for the next 26 years amassing sales of 36 million copies.

The case is not the only dispute for Pink Floyd, after legal action last December from 23 members of the north London school choir who claimed they were due royalties from their performance on the worldwide hit, Another Brick in the Wall.


14th April 2005

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