How to promote your freelance business on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are one of the biggest times of the year, with the rush to secure great bargains offered by businesses. Freelancers can benefit from this by setting their services at a discounted price in hope of securing clients and profit. Although you will be offering your services at a discounted rate, people can hardly ever say no to a deal. Here, we take a look at how freelancers can promote their business for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Promote your freelance business offers online

Freelancers will know that promoting special offers can be difficult, so take advantage of social media to advertise your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Social media can directly link users to your website and is one of the top marketing tools to engage users. A range of ages also use social media in one way or another so find out the most popular platform for your target audience and use this to spread the word about your best deals of the week.

Eye-catching graphics and bold text to illustrate your Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals are key to grabbing users’ attention. Post content throughout the week to let people know early what you are selling, this gives time to reach a wider audience and let them know about your freelance business and your latest offers. Collaborate with freelance marketers or graphic designers to enhance the look of your business deals, they can provide you with engaging images to promote your freelance business offers, with the added benefit of marketing skills to improve your engagement with clients.

If you are using your website to promote your winter deals, pop-ups are beneficial to freelancers to make sure that clients see your deals as soon as they land on your page. These offers automatically engage users to click on the pop-up so make sure that you have all the relevant information here too.


Choose some of your freelance services to promote

Select a few services to promote rather than all of them, this will help customers to establish what your regular prices look like and they can compare these to your discounted prices, making the deals seem more special. Targeting particular freelance services to promote on Black Friday or Cyber Monday will also help future clients to understand what your most popular services.

Check with your competitors what their prices look like. Knowing the deals your competitors are offering will help to value your own service prices, as you will still want a competitive rate rather than having the ‘cheapest deal’.


Email existing clients and grow your newsletter subscribers

Sending an email to your existing clients will remind them of what you offer and what they can benefit from as existing customers. Differentiating offers between new and existing clients is also a great way to maintain your current client base as well as grow it.

An exciting subject line will entice your customers to open the email and click on your Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. It is therefore important to have all the key information here such as how much discount is offered and when it runs out – this is particularly useful if your offers start before the ‘big day’.

Getting customers to sign up to your newsletter for early access to your deals by promoting it on social media and on your website sets up the opportunity to attract new clients. It also grows your newsletter subscribers for ongoing communication with them regarding future offers and to alert them about any new skills or services you may be offering.


Final considerations

Knowing what to include in your promotion is important, especially as your competitors will most likely be joining in on this eventful weekend.

Adding a countdown to your offer will get individuals to act fast so that they don’t miss out, you can then add an extended offer if it went well.

Although it is not essential to give any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals from your business, by doing so, you will give your business a great opportunity to gain new clients and spread awareness of your business.