Marketing tools

As a marketer, you already know what you would advise your clients when setting up a new business, but it is unlikely that you will have the budget to do everything that you would like - even with industry contacts to help you!


The most vital thing is that you look like a professional.  You need to invest in your image as a freelancer, and this will require both time and money. Make sure that you keep in mind that this is an investment, if you appear professional, it will reflect in the kinds of clients you attract. You should invest in a website, this can help any prospective clients find you and look at any previous work. Invest in a personalised domain and invest in creating a professional website to showcase your work.


Having a profile online is essential and in order to attract clients. You should also consider getting a professional email address where clients and prospective clients can reach. This will add to building your brand and creating that professional image.

Business Cards

Another form of promoting your services is business cards. They are the traditional method, however, they can still be great. Whether you are giving your business card to a friend or a prospective client at a networking event. A well-designed business card that reflects your brand and features all your business details can be great.


Your other vital marketing tool will be samples of work, but these take time to build up. Make sure that you always ask for some samples to be sent to you when any job is completed and get a copy of any materials in PDF format as well to go on your website as you develop it. Even if you sub-contracted the creative concept, the design, the artwork, the copywriting and the print, it's still your campaign, that you organised for a client - and it shows a prospect that you can do the same for them.

Social Media

Having a presence online is essential for freelancers. Therefore, you will need to create relevant social media platforms to promote your work. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest can be great forms of marketing your work and business. So invest time in creating social media profiles and build a following to attract clients.

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