Who needs web designers?

In this internet age, all businesses need or have a website. When it comes to maximising the reach of a brand, company or business having a website as well as social media presence is key. If a business is not online, it is risking missing out on a huge pool of potential customers and clients. Therefore, to answer the question ‘who needs web designers?’, is everyone, unless they can do it themselves. Web designers are in demand to create professional websites for businesses of all sizes.

Not only are there companies who need web designers to create a front for their traditional business or service but also that there are many businesses who offer their services only via the Internet. The number of online businesses is rapidly growing because of the cost-effectiveness as well as setting up and maintaining a website. Micro businesses will likely manager thier own sites and use templates to set up a webviste. However, as businesses grow they will want to portray a professional image, this is where the web designer comes in. 

Do not forget that as well as the billions of web pages that are available through the Internet many companies will have Intranets for internal use only and of course these need to be designed, built and maintained.

If you are looking to initially gain the knowledge and experience necessary to get you on the road to becoming a freelance web designer then there are many webmaster or web design jobs on offer on the usual job sites and agencies that you will find listed in our resources section. You can also join freelancer websites that can help you be found by the right clients, for example, you can sign up to the Freelance Directory for a small fee to listed. 

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