Top 5 reasons why businesses need freelance web designers

Developing a strong online presence is essential for all businesses in today’s society. Whether this is being socially engaged with other businesses or having your own website, businesses use this to maximise their company brand. With technology being a key source for businesses to engage with their customers and clients, at some point everyone needs a web designer, no matter how big or small your company is. Although having a website built or updated may take weeks or even months in some cases, it gives businesses a platform to successfully grow their client and customer base, increasing web traffic, brand recognition and visibility, and ultimately revenue. 

Many businesses might need a freelance web designer if they are moving their business online and need a new website, but why else do you need them? Take a look at the top five reasons why businesses need a freelance web designer below.


1. More time to run your business

Maintaining a website and running a business can take up a lot of time, leading to incomplete work and a busy schedule. To uphold a business, you’ll need to take time away from marketing and designing your website to actually run your business. This is where hiring a freelance web designer can help.

If you currently already have a website, you can highlight to your freelance web designer which areas you’d like to be worked on so you can concentrate on your business. If you are starting from scratch, unless you have a detailed brief on what you are after, let your freelance web designer take the reins and design a website that will attract more business opportunities and engagement. A freelance web designer will have the knowledge to create a successful business website and can ensure that SEO is maximised to further attract visits.

Let your website be transformed by someone who specialises in web design and turn your priorities to your business. You are able to keep track of how your website is progressing throughout, but splitting up your time between business and website design will be beneficial for both you and your freelance web designer.


2. Improve your marketing strategy

Introducing yourself to a freelance web designer provides benefits to your business such as improved SEO and WPO which can massively improve your marketing strategy. Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps improve visits to the website allowing pages to be discovered, clicked on, and optimised. Web performance optimisation (WPO) further helps with the number of visits by making sure that the speed of the web is not restricting any clicks or landing pages. Both of these will improve your business, maintain steady traffic, and help rank well on the web to increase visitors.

Freelance web designers can also enhance your marketing strategy by including social media icons and links on your website throughout so visitors can easily find your business on different social media platforms. This can enhance your engagement on social media and help to increase your followers.

They might create an area on your website where client testimonials are shown to highlight positive feedback from clients, increasing trust and encouraging other customers to use your service. Freelance web designers will know how best to display these to help your business attract new customers.

User interaction is also hugely important to businesses and their marketing strategy; by having a freelance web designer, businesses are more likely to be successful with their user experience as they will create websites with this in mind.


3. Freelance web designers have access to advanced tech and tools

Freelance web designers know how to use design tools and different software to create the most suitable website for your business. Some of the most popular web design tools, platforms and software for freelance web designers to use include:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Webflow
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Weebly
  • Bluefish
  • Visual Studio Code

These website builders range in difficulty of use, so although businesses may want to create a website on their own accord, hiring a freelance web designer who will have more experience in different website formats and software may be the better option as this will result in a quicker build.

Each website platform offers something different when it comes to the design layout, and all have their pros and cons, including different costs. Freelance web designers will have a better understanding of each, and how to set up a website which fulfils your brief and helps to achieve your business goals.  


 4. Have a professional-looking website

Freelance web designers are often needed for both their technical and artistic capability. When setting up a website for your business, depending on the platform you choose, you may have a variety of templates to choose from to make your website stand out and look professional. Freelance web designers will certainly be required if a more complex template is the ideal design for your business website.

Templates aren’t the only way to create a professional website though, you may need something completely bespoke. Some of the considerations to make if you are creating your website from scratch:

  • Colours and typography also being essential to drawing people in. With easy-to-read text but also something that reflects the business brand, typography can entice visitors by being neat and central on the website.
  • Large images are also a great way to clean up the look of your website to make it look fresh. A central or background image can be used to draw excitement to your page – this image usually relates to the company values so is a way to let visitors to your website know what you stand for and do. A freelance web designer can even create an image for you to represent your business.
  • Make sure that it is compatible with both PC and mobile. Most people tend to search through their phones, so even providing an app for your business could be a step to increase activity. Freelance web designers can help to make your business compatible with the help of coding tools.

Using a freelance web designer to design your website will often increase your web activity, as visitors are more likely to stay on the site and explore it if they are impressed by the professionalism of the design.


5. Have a website tailored to your needs

Having a website tailored to your needs is essential for a successful online experience. It allows visitors to find precise functions and information with ease, ensuring the best user journey possible.

Templated and DIY website builders will not make the cut if you have a complex business model and needs. Therefore businesses will more often than not need freelance web designers to help with a tailored approach to creating a website that fulfils their business goals and objectives.

With a bespoke website designed specifically for your business, you are also able to make bespoke updates and changes as required with the help of a freelance web designer. This allows your website to be flexible, and a freelance web designer’s unrestricted work schedule adds to the ability for flexible changes when needed too.


Almost every business can benefit from hiring a freelance web designer. They can help with both creating and upholding websites, allowing business owners time to run their business, and helping to increase customers and clients by improving the website layout and user experience.

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