Graphic Design Guides

Introduction to becoming a graphic designer

Freelance creative, Nick Welsh, tells us a bit about the world of design, where his income comes from and how to team up with a developer to boost your coffers in offering web design too.

Who needs graphic designers?

Who to approach when you're looking for work.

Graphic Design: Routes into the industry

Qualifications, software proficiency, ideas for expanding your folio and how to woo art directors.

Graphic & Web Design: Rates and allowances

How to make sure you are paid what you're worth and tips for quoting and invoicing your clients to make sure your profit margin remains intact.

Graphic Design: How to find work

Tips from an expert on the best ways to advertise your services, from word of mouth to social media.

Graphic & Web Design: Legal issues

Legal issues to watch out for as a freelance graphic designer.