Free business bank account for freelancers

Free banking offer

Using the facilities of Cater Allen, part of the Santander Group, we have been able to negotiate an extremely attractive FREE banking package for our visitors:-

Key Features and Benefits

  • No minimum balance required
  • Funds may be held in sterling, euro or US dollar
  • 30 free transactions per month
  • Monthly statements
  • Full cheque book and banking facilities - bill payments, standing orders and direct debits + internet banking
  • VISA Business deferred-debit card if required
  • Competitive tiered rates of interest, so the larger the balance the greater the return.

Please note that there is NO minimum balance required for our clients.

Please download either (1) the Limited Company or (2) Sole Trader/Businesses incorporated 6 months+ application form from the sections below for completion, accompanied by supporting ID, and send to:

Freelance UK bank offer,
Contractor UK,
1 Northumberland Avenue,
Trafalgar Square,

Any enquiries should be sent to Cater Allen will not accept any direct applications, therefore please make sure you do NOT send them direct to Cater Allen.

Please enter the reference 52206490 next to "master account number" in the top right hand corner of page 1 of the application form.


Click New Limited Companies application for an Application Form which should be completed and sent to us at the address above.

Please download and complete this Customer ID requirement form and send this in with the ID documents in addition to the main application form.

  • Add any funds you are opening the account with, or £0 if not' against the 'Reserve Account' option on Part 1 of the application form and the currency you require the account to be in. Please note clearance of foreign cheques do incur charges.
  • Please complete the business details for this business bank account in Part 2, including full details on nature of business and named examples of client the company carries out services for. On the second sheet of Part 2, include all contact details, where you expect payment into the account to come from (such as Trading) and what the account will be used for. As part of their checks the bank also need to know the company's anticipated turnover per year and how much of that figure will be put through the new account on a monthly basis (both anticipated figures).
  • Please fill out Professional Adviser's Details in Part 3 (Contractor UK)
  • Please complete Part 4a with applicant's details, including home address details (full 3 year history). CVIC is not relevant to applications made through Contractor UK, so leave that box blank but do send in customer identification. You only need to sign at the bottom of 4a if you are Director or 25%+ shareholder and will not be an authorised signatory on the account - if you are a signatory simply fill out the details without this signature.
  • Please also remember to sign Part 7 (Authorised Signatory/ies).
  • For a Limited Company that does not have a Company Secretary, the application needs to be countersigned by a "witness" Part 8a. The witness needs to also quote their full name and address where indicated. Please note the "witness" does not need to provide any Identification documents.
  • Enclosing a cheque for £1 made out from a personal bank account (of each authorised signatory) to your company name will speed up processing as this provides a signature check.
  • **Any section containing crossings out or tippex will be returned for a "clean" version.**
  • More information and current interest rates here.


Click Business Account application for an Application Form which should be completed and sent to us at the address above.

Supporting ID will need to be provided (two items from Part 11). Original documents will be returned by the bank.

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