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Cash flow: a freelancer’s guide to money in and money out

Top tips to understand, manage and preserve the lifeblood of your self-employed business – cash flow.

Can I go self-employed just to claim the costs of a home-office makeover?

‘You cannot fool HMRC,’ is the warning to a prospective ‘life coach,’ eyeing a flashy study with matching furniture and supplies.

Late payment as a freelancer: How to fight unpaid self-employment

What sole trader creatives need to know about being out- of-pocket for services supplied.

Starling Business Banking for Freelancers

Starling Bank is an award-winning, fully-licensed, digital bank, offering a fairer and more human alternative to traditional banking. Founded in 2014 by Anne Boden, Starling has opened over 2 million current accounts and been voted Britain’s Best Bank 4 years in a row.

A UK sole trader's overview to paying yourself as a self-employed freelancer

Drawings, thresholds, exemptions – all demystified, so you can work out how much you’ll take home.

Mortgages for Freelancers

The difference in pay structure between an employee and a freelancer can lead to the self-employed being penalised when it comes to getting a mortgage. We have partnered with Freelancer Financials to provide mortgages for freelancers, which are fair and reasonable.

Freelancer pension - pension for freelancers

We have teamed up with our pension partner to help advise you on retirement planning in the most tax-efficient way by getting a freelancer pension. No upfront fees, just specialist advice.

Business bank account for freelancers

Business bank account allows freelancers to easily manage their finances. Cashplus offer an easy solution for banking whilst freelancing, from an easy online application to easily accessing your account 24/7 via the phone, online or mobile app.