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How freelancers can get more from mortgage lenders, with a good credit score

There’s lots self-employed people can do to hit the right notes with lenders. But don’t do a Kanye.

What are my self-employed pensions options as a freelancer?

Retirement savings expert demystifies the (non-daunting) world of nest eggs for sole traders.

Can the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme work for me?

Expert helps a freelancer with Universal Credit and SEISS eligibility fears, who wants to stay sane.

What’s the least taxing way to join an agency’s retainer for a few months?

For one creative, going ‘Ltd’ and clocking the miles is a more efficient route than his business buying the car.

Freelancers, here’s your cut-out-and-keep legal guide to…Payment Terms

The self-employed can’t afford to skimp over what’s currently at the forefront of everyone’s minds. So, here are the payment terms guide for freelancers. 

Freelancers’ Questions: How to fix my sole trader tax mess of overspending and not self-assessing?

Expert helps a freelancer who didn’t file his tax return, but did rack up £5,000 of creative outfits which he probably can’t expense.

How freelancers can use the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS)

Cash grants for coronavirus-hit sole traders are incoming. Here’s all you need to know -- for now.

A UK Freelancer's Overview of Statutory Sick Pay

SSP is inspiring petitions, lobbying and letters to ministers. But why, what is it and what is there instead?

Freelancers, here’s how to answer the dreaded ‘What’s Your Rate?’ with ease

No self-employed people really like the short, sharp pay probe, so try these three to smooth its edges.

How to pay tax as an Italian freelancer for a London-based company?

No cure for his ‘big fear,’ but a new freelancer may qualify for a small liability this first time around.

Freelancers’ Questions: How much is the late payment fee, if I didn’t set a ‘pay-by’ date?

Debt collection expert helps a forgetful freelancer trying for 7-day terms, following fob-offs.

Tax deadline survival guide for freelancers who need to self-assess by January 31st

Beware HMRC’s ‘file any time you wish’ claim, as it only applies to the totally prepared.

Freelancers’ Questions: What now a late paying client is finding fault with my work?

Debt recovery expert helps a freelancer suddenly told of quality issues while waiting to get paid.

Freelancers’ Questions: Now I’m registered self-employed, when do I self-assess?

Expert solves the tax troubles of a new freelancer hoping to avoid hefty penalties.

Freelancers’ Questions: Would my freelance business be better off VAT-registered?

‘It’s up to you, not your brother-in-law, to decide if VAT’s right for you, but he may be onto something.’

Sorting your taxes and duties as a freelancer who is sole trading

A helping hand with getting your ducks in a row is best to make a splash in business, and keep HMRC at bay.

Freelancers’ Questions: Is my German client right to say I must be VAT-registered?

Tax tips for when your EU client is ‘all worked up’ over you invoicing without VAT.

The key expenses every freelancer wants to claim; but can you?

How sole traders must treat an iPhone with HMRC if it’s also used outside of the business. The guide highlights the key expenses every freelancer wants to claim and if it's possible to actually claim those expenses. 

When you need to file a tax return – if at all

‘You must self-assess if you’re self-employed.’ Helpful? We don’t think so either.

Freelancers' Questions: What if I didn't price up for a client who now won't pay?

Even the experienced make mistakes pricing up, but a tribunal could make this one especially costly.

How to improve your credit rating

Whether you have difficulty proving your income as a freelancer, or you've previously had trouble with debt this useful guide offers some easy steps to boost your credit rating again.

Freelance Mortgages

Freelance UK's advice guide concerning your biggest loan. Advice on the different types of mortgage you can apply for as a freelancer.

Business Banking

Why do I need bank account? What options are available to me as a freelancer? Are the options different if I am self-employed or have started a limited company? Read this article to find out more.