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Tax as a self-employed freelancer: top tips to simplify your HMRC affairs

Are you claiming everything you’re entitled to, whether you’re on the road, at the client-site or working from home?

Bankruptcy as a freelancer: a guide for bankrupt self-employed sole traders

Wiping the slate clean is one way to deal with problem debt. But caution is advised, as is reaching out for advice.

Where to pay tax if I work for an American company from Britain?

Top tips for one of the USA’s 51million contingent workers, potentially paying the wrong taxman.

How often do freelancers get paid late?

One in four freelancers are currently considering their position because of late payments.

How to get paid as a freelancer: 5 best payment options

There are a number of ways to get paid as a freelancer, so it is important to determine which method works best for you. 

Escrow: a self-employed freelancer’s guide to using escrow in 2022

Not all escrow services are born equal. So get to know the fundamentals, and future, of a secure way to get paid for your next project.

Why should freelancers open a business bank account?

Freelancer writer, Charlotte Lorimer outlines the importance of opening a business bank account when you're self-employed. 

Three top tips for freelancers submitting a paper tax return

Paper submissions can be complicated, it’s important to understand your exact responsibility. 

Cryptoassets: What are they and what are the tax implications?

If you’re considering investing in one or more cryptocurrencies, naturally you’ll wonder about how HMRC will view them. 

Self-employed freelancers: how to calculate your take-home pay

Revealed: the numbers sole traders need to crunch to show how much money they can pocket.

Freelancers, HMRC self-assessment and VAT penalties are going points-based

How much the taxman’s new system will cost sole traders who pay late or submit late.

Freelancers’ Questions: Any VAT or tax tips to grow my marketing business?

Invoices, self-assessment and trading in dollars – just some of the queries troubling an apologetic freelancer.

Freelancers’ Questions: How to be UK self-employed for a company in Spain?

Top tips for a designer who’s been jobless for as many months as their new contract is set to last.

Freelancers’ Questions: Does Maternity Allowance come with an earnings cap?

Tax tips for a mum-to-be, half onto something even before knowing the answers to her queries.

How the self-employed can ask for a pay rise amid the covid pandemic

Lockdown shouldn’t put a padlock on freelancers tactfully asking for a rate that reflects their hard work.

Freelancers’ Questions: Do I need a UTR number for my theatre art contract?

'The Revenue’s way to identify you is definitely for life, not just for Christmas or the New Year.'

The Covid Cash Crunch: Freelancers, are you waiting too long to get paid?

Creative industry sole traders have comparatively generous payment terms. Is it time you closed the gap?

Freelancers’ Questions: Must I HMRC-register if my income is under £1,000?

A slightly taxing scenario is fortunately the most unlikely and, even then, an exemption looks due.

SEISS: The ins, outs and HMRC examples of covid cash grants for freelancers

Now the taxman’s told you what ‘adversely affected’ means, his gloves will be off to any self-employed who don’t listen.

SEISS: Is ‘adversely affected’ any clearer to freelancers this time around?

If you applied for your SEISS grant on Aug 17, your ‘worse-off’ evidence must cover the preceding month.

Six ways freelancers can boost their self-employed mortgage chances

Like they do in business, sole traders wanting a home loan need to go the extra mile. Here’s how.

Key documents freelancers need to secure a self-employed mortgage

Eight inescapable bits of evidence the self-employed must have to get the green-light for their home loan.

How freelancers can get more from mortgage lenders, with a good credit score

There’s lots self-employed people can do to hit the right notes with lenders. But don’t do a Kanye.

What are my self-employed pensions options as a freelancer?

Retirement savings expert demystifies the (non-daunting) world of nest eggs for sole traders.

Can the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme work for me?

Expert helps a freelancer with Universal Credit and SEISS eligibility fears, who wants to stay sane.

What’s the least taxing way to join an agency’s retainer for a few months?

For one creative, going ‘Ltd’ and clocking the miles is a more efficient route than his business buying the car.

Freelancers, here’s your cut-out-and-keep legal guide to…Payment Terms

The self-employed can’t afford to skimp over what’s currently at the forefront of everyone’s minds. So, here are the payment terms guide for freelancers. 

Freelancers’ Questions: How to fix my sole trader tax mess of overspending and not self-assessing?

Expert helps a freelancer who didn’t file his tax return, but did rack up £5,000 of creative outfits which he probably can’t expense.

How freelancers can use the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS)

Cash grants for coronavirus-hit sole traders are incoming. Here’s all you need to know -- for now.

A UK Freelancer's Overview of Statutory Sick Pay

SSP is inspiring petitions, lobbying and letters to ministers. But why, what is it and what is there instead?