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How to improve your credit rating

Whether you have difficulty proving your income as a freelancer, or you've previously had trouble with debt this useful guide offers some easy steps to boost your credit rating again.

A freelancer's guide to investing

Ideally you will look back on your time freelancing as the period when you had the opportunity to build a nest egg that ensured financial security for life.

Freelance Mortgages

Freelance UK's advice guide concerning your biggest loan. Advice on the different types of mortgage you can apply for as a freelancer.

Business Banking

Why do I need bank account? What options are available to me as a freelancer? Are the options different if I am self-employed or have started a limited company? Read this article to find out more.

Freelance Calculators

Here is our collection of calculators to help save you time when working out TAX, VAT, PAYE, Loans and more.

Tax Rates and Allowances 2008/09

Tax rates and allowances for the financial year 2008/09.