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Freelancers' Questions: What if I didn't price up for a client who now won't pay?

Even the experienced make mistakes pricing up, but a tribunal could make this one especially costly.

How to improve your credit rating

Whether you have difficulty proving your income as a freelancer, or you've previously had trouble with debt this useful guide offers some easy steps to boost your credit rating again.

A freelancer's guide to investing

Ideally you will look back on your time freelancing as the period when you had the opportunity to build a nest egg that ensured financial security for life.

Freelance Mortgages

Freelance UK's advice guide concerning your biggest loan. Advice on the different types of mortgage you can apply for as a freelancer.

Business Banking

Why do I need bank account? What options are available to me as a freelancer? Are the options different if I am self-employed or have started a limited company? Read this article to find out more.