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As a Freelance UK visitor you can now benefit from unique access to a full financial review from specialist IFA FreelancerMoney, with no pressure and no consultation fees.

The review will help to ensure that you are making the most of the opportunities presented by your freelance status and will also ensure that you avoid the pitfalls that you face now that you work outside of a large company employee benefits package.

If you would like financial advice on a specific area or would like a full review of your finances please complete the following form and one of the team at FreelancerMoney will be in touch.

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Mortgages - buy your first home even without a deposit, trade up, buy a rental property to supplement your contract income or simply look to save money on your existing loan. Credit repair service can also help secure the house you thought was out of reach.
Income Protection - safeguard your contract income and current lifestyle against the impact of injury or illness.
Pensions - cut your tax bills and avoid hardship in retirement, ensure you are ready to exploit the new A-day pensions freedoms, consolidate poor performing and costly pensions from the past.
Life Insurance - replace lost death-in-service benefits and protect those who depend on you.
Critical Illness - provide a lump sum to ease the impact of serious illness.
Health Insurance - avoid NHS waiting lists, be treated in surroundings you'd chose to be in and get back to work sooner.
Investments - exploit available tax-breaks and build a nest egg for the future.
Investing for Children - plan for their future and give them a head-start in life.
Inheritance Tax - make sure your family and not the taxman benefits from a lifetime's hard work.
Will writing - safeguard your estate and make life easier for those left behind.
Corporate Investments - get company money working harder for you.
Full financial review - a thorough financial health check for freelancers, looking at all aspects of your finances.

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