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Freelance 3D Modelling / Animation


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We are award winning digital artists who produce illustrations and animations. We can create digital models of anything; from products through to historic sites and space craft!

Clients: NASA,Unified Field,Historic England,RCAHMW,Dorling Kindersley

Key Skill:3D Modelling / Animation Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Illustrator (Senior), Storyboard (MiddleWeight), Technical (Senior), 3D Modelling / Animation (Senior), Web Designer (Junior), Web Animator (Senior), Multimedia / Film / Video (Senior), Film / Video / Multimedia (Senior), After Effects (Senior), Premiere (Senior), Event 3D Visualizations (Senior), Exhibition 3D Visuals (Senior)

Tags: Illustrations animations visual-effects video app-content



Take 27 Ltd CV
A quick overview of some of our clients and the software packages that we use.
Take 27 overview
This is a booklet to give you an idea of our work and how we go about it. We always try to ensure that our clients get the best value and highest quality of work for their budgets.
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3D digital models, animation, illustration and visual effects
We are digital artists and Take 27 Ltd is a visual effects company that was established in 2002. We create computer reconstructions and can build digital models of any building, site, landscape, product, concept or idea for use as illustrations, app content, for animations/films/tv, educational uses, research purposes and for use within marketing, promotional and sales material.
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