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A creative with a wide range of cross disciplinary skills. Over 18 years experience in illustration and graphics, around 6 years professional experience in sign and interpretation design, carpentry, landscaping, forestry and landscaping. I can produce traditional painting, technical illustration, 3D design, interpretation, shop signs, infographics and interactive maps. Contact me! I'll be glad to help.

Clients: The Bank Creative Communications Agecy,C.A.T.,Beltane Fire Society,Anemos Renewables LLP,Barbara Haddrill,The Lotus Centre,Free Range Designs,Designs Illustrated,Dyfi Woodlands,White Label,Aye-aye Designs

Key Skill:Illustrator Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Interior Designer (Junior), Graphic Designer (MiddleWeight), Exhibition Graphics Designer (MiddleWeight), Signage Designer (MiddleWeight), Illustrator (Senior), 2D/3D Designer (MiddleWeight), Cartoon / Caricature (Junior), Childrens (Junior), Storyboard (Junior), Technical (MiddleWeight), 3D Modelling / Animation (MiddleWeight), Event 3D Visualizations (Junior), Exhibition 3D Visuals (Junior)

Tags: Graphic Design Illustration Technical Illustration Map illustration Interpretation



logo Design
Simple Logo Design Solutions
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MR Woowoo
Lord Henry Woowoo of Wooington
[ visit website ]
Rendering and post production
An example of my rendering of a porch design for a customer.
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Auchentoshan Whisky
type and imagery for promotion for Auchentoshan Bar Tender's Malt
B&W Illustration
Line drawing using traditional pen and ink, illustrator and photoshop.
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Painting and drawing
Painting and drawing. I accept work for oils, pen and ink, and mixed media.
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Landscape painting
My love for the mountains of Britain and Ireland is far reaching. What a beautiful bunch of Islands we live on!
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I have been building a small body of map work over the past ten years. Interactive pdf and visitor centre maps mostly...
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Illustrator / Project Manager
Using clients' (landscape designers) designs, I create 3d models with which I in-turn make artists impressions of the gardens / landscapes to be.
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3D and technical
Over 6 years carpentry experience helps me understand technical needs of clients with attention to detail and diligently produced quality drawings for all types of product design. Artist's impressions, instructions and guides.
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Digital Painting
I can remember my first paint program on our Amstrad CP6128, circa 1985. Observing how digital art programs have progressed has been very interesting. Here is an example of my latest painting using a Wacom and PC. Please let me know what you think.
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