Why you should get your freelance business on instagram

There are around 1.16 billion active Instagram users as of January 2021 and around 0.5 % of Instagram profiles with more than 5 million followers, hence Instagram opens up a world full of marketing options for brands. It really is the place to be if you are offering a product or service as it can provide you with the opportunity for an incredible amount of brand exposure. 

Why you should get your freelance business on instagram

Instagram has huge potential for businesses and brands as if it is used correctly it will enable them to gain traffic and convert this traffic to sales. Here are some stats about Instagram that can help you understand the potential of the platform, as told by TechiePassion

Instagram video stats

On Instagram, video is almost everything that we thrive for. Researchers clearly claim that Instagram videos are the most engaging type of social media activity.

IGTV videos have more engagement than any other type of Instagram post. Compared to Instagram photos, IGTV videos have a productivity rate of 4 times more. Moreover, IGTV videos are available in 16 languages, which you can set up to put captions. How-to videos are the type of video that have the highest video engagement rates.

Instagram advertisement stats

Instagram has some amazing features when it comes to advertisements and business productivity for professionals. These stats show that almost 1.16 billion users worldwide have clicked on some form of Instagram ad at least once.

As of 2020, Instagram has already generated an advertisement of $13.86 billion.

Instagram stories stats

Instagram has more than 5 billion people watching their stories. Therefore Instagram stories are the best way for businesses to engage directly with their followers.

More than 58% of total brands that post Instagram stories claim that they get a good response. 

Instagram user stats

Most Instagram accounts are also connected with users' other platform accounts. Only 1% of the people on Instagram do not have any other accounts on other social media platforms. The most popular accounts connected to Instagram accounts are YouTube and Facebook.


Instagram is growing to be one of the biggest social media platforms overloaded by Influencers and brands. But it is also an amazing platform for every brand and business to get a great response.

Continuing to post on Instagram is not the only way forward, but is worth considering as a route to getting more traffic to your website and exposure for your business. 

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