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Can I stop a threatening client trying to take back what they paid me?

Legal aid for a stung freelancer whose relations with his customer have broken down.

Top five contract negotiation tips for creative freelancers

Be reasonable, clued-up and flexible, but not bashful, to get your ‘hard lines’ respected.

Freelancers' Questions: Do self-employed people need to issue their own contracts?

Appear laid back? Or be official? Fortunately for freelancers, both are possible with clients who don’t ‘do’ formalities.

Is my videography client trying to take the footage, and all the credit too?

Putting a legal expert in the picture might help a visuals freelancer whose customer is mistaking an invoice for the contract.

A freelancer’s cut-out-and-keep legal guide to …Term and Termination

To end this FreelanceUK series, a look at your contractual end -- the 'minefield.'

Freelancers, here’s your cut-out-and-keep legal guide to…client obligations

The thorniest of issues in your contract? For self-employed creatives, it’s certainly up there.

Freelancers, here’s your cut-out-and-keep legal guide to…Statement of Works

Not even this pandemic can affect SoW being the most specific and individual clause in your self-employed contract.

Freelancers, amid the coronavirus, these legal steps can help protect you

The self-employed should make a few quick contractual moves to stop COVID-19 harming their business. 

Freelancers’ Questions: How to legally tackle my design client terminating me early?

Six sections could contain an answer for a creative cancelled through no fault of their own.

Freelancers, will you Brexit-proof your commercial contracts and, if so, how?

Self-employed creatives should set their post-December 31st small print sooner rather than later.

What kind of contract do freelancers need?

Whether you’re experienced in your trade or straight out of university, becoming a contractor or freelancer could be the most financially rewarding decision you make. So before you get started, here the kind of contracts that freelancers need. 

So you want to stay self-employed? Better have a substitute

Even if your stand-in remains on the side-lines, your contractual right to them is what matters more.

Can a client who stopped me defecting go back on our one-month contract?

'Your contractual ports of call to avoid hot water, when things have already gone south.'

A UK freelancer's overview of Paternity Rights

How to get supported as a sole trader if you pause self-employment to become a dad.

Freelancers’ Questions: How to strike a deal to resupply all my work for the client?

Time is indeed money for a freelancer who wants to be reasonable but also retain his IP.

A UK freelancer's overview of maternity rights

How to get financially supported when you stop self-employed freelancing to have a baby.

Intellectual Property: what freelancers need to know (Part 3)

Monetising your creations as a freelancer, including in the age of the GDPR.

Intellectual Property: what freelancers need to know (Part 2)

Protect, differentiate and own your offering with trade marks, design rights and contracts.

Intellectual Property: What freelancers need to know (Part 1)

Get to grips with the key terms of IP – plus, where yours is; what your risks are, and how to combat them.

Proof of Copyright, Duration & Damages

Lawdit looks at infringement of Copyright, the damages that can be claimed and at what point Copyright expires and the works become 'public domain'.

Trademark Infringement

The rights of a UK trademark owner who feels that there is a case for infringement are provided under section 10 of the Trade Marks Act 1994.

Why do Patents exist?

Lawdit look at the reasons why companies invest in patents.

Registering Designs

Lawdit looks at the relatively low-cost extra protection of your new designs.

IR35 & personal service companies

Overview of IR35, what it means to you and how it's calculated.

Employing your spouse

Points to bear in mind if your partner works in the business.

The law and directors' responsibilities

Article on the 'common law' and statutory duties of a company director; how to appoint, resign and change details at Companies House and other points limited company directors will need to bear in mind.

Do I need to comply with the Data Protection Act?

If you obtain, store or use personal details from customers, suppliers or other contacts, it is a legal requirement that you comply with the eight main principles of the Data Protection Act to protect people's privacy.

10 things to consider when signing a consultancy contract

There are two broad areas that freelancers should be concerned with - exposure to commercial risk and exposure to IR35 liabilities.

Your contract: key commercial factors

As a freelancer operating on a self-employed basis one of the first things you will want to do after a successful tender is get on with the job. But stop! What about the contract?

What is copyright?

Copyright gives creators the legal right to control the use of their material, in restricting unauthorized copying and reproduction by others.