Journalism Guides

Introduction to becoming a freelance journalist

Freelance UK's Introduction to becoming a freelance journalist.

Who needs freelance journalists?

There is huge scope for journalism jobs in the market place and below we cover the main areas where you can win contracts or supply stories on a freelance basis.

Journalism - Routes into the industry

Like most people who start out in business you may well begin by taking on freelance assignments or covering news worthy events in the hope of selling it to newspapers or magazines.

How to find work

The best place to gain advice on jobs and where to find work are other professionals. Make best use of online discussion forums, email news groups and, while at events that you are covering, make sure you speak to other journalists who are on assignment.

Selling your work

Resources for selling your work.

Rates & Allowances

The National Union of Journalists have produced an excellent fees guide for freelancers.

Journalism - Legal Information

Copyright law is there to protect you but it is surprising the amount of freelancers who are not fully aware of the legislation's depth and breadth.

Training - Freelance Journalists

Training courses and information for journalists.

Professional bodies and unions for Journalists

Links and details of professional bodies and unions for journalists.

Recommended Reading for Journalists

Our collection of recommended reading titles for those looking to get in to freelance journalism.

Journalism Useful Links

Our collection of useful links for freelance journalists.