Introduction to copywriting for freelancers

The copywriting freelance market has few boundaries. Every word in every brochure, advert, website, and leaflet is written by somebody. Some of this will be written in-house or by marketing/PR firms, and some by freelance copywriters. You may be working full or part-time and dream of a writing career where you can work where you want, when you want, and if successful, only with those clients who pay on time. It can happen but like all market sectors it will take time and hard work to get to this level and it takes a certain kind of personality to succeed where many others have failed.


What is a freelance copywriter?

Copywriting entails writing for different ad agencies, marketing materials, websites, and so much more. Writing a variety of material is just part of the job though, with editorial skills and research also required. A freelance copywriter writes content for businesses on a contract basis, writing either content related to the business or your own material. When writing for an ad, storytelling is essential to get the product you are advertising across to a large audience. Websites require consistent material to keep readers updated with news, current trends etc.

Copywriting can vary between print and digital media, highlighting the variety in media formats and how technology has advanced to writing pieces for websites and social media platforms. Depending on who you are writing content for, freelancer copywriters will be required to write content relating to that business to communicate, educate, and engage readers.         


What does a copywriter do?

As a freelance copywriter, you are responsible for not only writing creative content but also the creative process and collaborating on ideas. Choose a client to work with that will suit your freelancing needs and writing ideas, this will also depend on whether you are writing for a client that wants to market a product or update aspects of a website.

The creative process of being a freelance copywriter includes lots of research before you even begin to write anything for your client. You should also research who your client is, what they do and what the brief is for your content piece as well as research material for your copywriting piece so that you have accurate information. Research is a key aspect for freelance copywriters, especially those that are new to a particular business sector.


How do I become a freelance copywriter?

As technology has advanced, becoming a freelance copywriter has never been easier. With access to the internet to research and write content, as long as you have a creative flare about you then you’re all set to start your copywriting experience. Working with a flexible schedule, freelancers can become copywriters more freely and make time to write a few pieces a week while also having free time.

All freelance copywriters need to start somewhere so start off by writing on subjects that interest you. This will help you to establish the type of tone you would like to address readers. Think about setting up a website to upload your articles and guides, this will help to promote your services and allow clients to see your writing ability. You can also set up a profile on the Freelance Directory where you will be able to advertise your services to others.


Should I collaborate with other freelance copywriters?

A copywriter will collaborate with clients as well as other freelancers to create an informative piece of work, and even gain other skills while working together. Collaborating on ideas with businesses or even a marketing team can establish a better understanding of what your client needs and can get creative ideas flowing. Brainstorming ideas with others is beneficial to freelancers who want to learn about the industry that they are writing in, as well as develop ideas for engaging writing material.

Collaborating with other freelancers to write content comes with a few managing factors. These include who will be taking the lead with the project at hand and who is writing what. Although, you might not necessarily be collaborating with another freelance writer and instead someone who has knowledge of the industry that you are writing about. You will seek new skills while collaborating and can then use these to further your copywriting career.


How much does a freelance copywriter get paid?

The average daily rate for a freelance copywriter varies on experience with £250-£400 being the average daily rate. The more experienced you are in copywriting, the more you can set your daily rate. Start off smaller if you are just starting out in the freelance world as your main focus should be building up clients and making a portfolio.

Freelancers should create a portfolio to demonstrate their copywriting skills and use that to promote your services on social media. Your portfolio should highlight your best work, not all of it. This will illustrate to clients what your writing style is and the successes of your previous content.

A starting hourly rate for new freelance copywriters normally begins at £23 an hour, with an average annual income of £30,000. An intermediate-expert freelancer can expect to earn up to £45,000 a year. This is an average rate for a freelance copywriter, and will also depend on who your clients area and how much content they would like you to create.


Getting started as a freelance copywriter can be simple if you have the right creative ideas and competent writing skills to achieve great content up to a client’s standard. Involving both writing, researching, and editing, copywriting involves different aspects of creativity which will evolve as you progress into your copywriting career.


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