Copywriter routes into the industry

With the variety of areas where freelance copywriters are required, there are a vast range of routes into this industry. Like a lot of professions, you do not necessarily need any formal qualifications in this field, as long as you have an eye for spelling and punctuation, the coupling of creative flair with the ability to write information that is easy to read and gets the point across. You will also need the business acumen to make sure your bills get paid and your invoices banked as a successful copywriter.

We have already stated some of the sectors that need copywriters such as PR and advertising. With such a large market for your work, all you need is to get started by gaining experience and the nerve to bid or market yourself for work. There are many routes open to those who have an interest in writing. Getting involved with a local publication or websites could give you all the ammunition, you need to approach other establishments to seek more paid for work. As with all freelance work try not to get sucked into completing work at low cost or for free while getting into the industry. If you have no portfolio at all then this is an option but once you have enough work to impress potential clients, make sure you offer a fair rate for your work. 

If you are passionate about writing and have good attention to detail then you can start copywriting straight away. You have to pick a topic, preferably something that interests you, and then research in order to create your own original copy. When it comes to different routes into a successful copywriting is through experience. From B2B publications, offline and online to PR agencies, there is a huge demand for copywriting.

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