Copywriter rates and allowances

The rates for copywriting work vary according to the type of copy being written and the individual supplying the copy. For example, a client living in Newcastle is likely to pay less for a local copywriter than someone who lives in London, this can work to your advantage though as many companies situated in the capital will outsource their work to copywriters where the cost of living, and therefore the hourly rate, is lower.


You will need to carry out sufficient research in order to set your rates. Make sure you research online, talk to the community of other freelance copywriters and any other relevant industry people for an insight. Also, consider looking at job listing for copywriters and look at what kind of salary is being offered. This can give you a rough guide as to how much you should charge and how much you should be charging. When it comes to setting your rates, you will need to find the right balance between having competitive rates as well as, earning enough income that you can live on.


There are multiple ways in which you can set your rates, in this form copywriting is similar to journalism. You can set your rates according to a length of the copy. For example. You may charge by the number of words, which is how journalist also tend to set their rates for their work. Copywriters also tend to set their rates according to the number of hours or days.

Increasing rates

You will have to start small, maybe even consider carrying out some copywriting tasks for free in order to build your portfolio. However, as you get enough experience you can start raising your rates. Some senior copywriters can charge between £800 and £2000 per day.

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