Copywriting - how to find work

If you have decided that you want to work as a copywriter as a freelancer then you will need to find work. Ideally, you should try to get a good amount of experience as a staff or an employee of a company in order to fully learn what is required of you as a freelance copywriter. Below are the various methods to help you find work. Make sure that you invest time in each to broaden your client base.


You need to invest time in networking, especially when you are first starting out. There are many benefits of networking, some of these being getting yourself exposure, making contacts, meeting people from the same industry and joining communities. These can all be helpful and beneficial in getting you work. For example, if you know people in the similar field, they may recommend you to their clients or ask you to help them on the project. Having contacts and knowing people in the right industry is essential to having a successful career. You can also get insight into the world of copywriting from experienced individuals or experts in the field.


Having a portfolio of all your best work can be essential in attracting new clients to your business. Therefore, invest time and money if need be to build yourself a portfolio. You can obviously add to this as you get more work. You can easily create a website and have it feature your work. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but make sure that it reflects you and your work. Having an online portfolio is especially a good idea as any potential clients can easily view it.

You should also consider setting up a Freelance Alliance profile. Freelance Alliance is a great way to get exposure as well as having a portfolio accompanying your profile.

Reach out

When you are first starting out, you will likely not have a portfolio and very little experience, is any, so you will need to reach out. Reach out to small businesses and offer your services, you might even have to start off by doing unpaid work in order to build your portfolio. You will likely have to reach out even if you are an established freelance copywriter. If you want to work for a certain business, company or brand then don’t hesitate to reach out. Your profile or portfolio will not always get the exposure you want, so bring people to you and show them your work.

Build a client base

If you are able to, then find clients that regularly require your work, it might be a big company that requires you to constantly create new copy or just renew the older versions. Being able to regularly carry out work for one client can give freelancers the sense of security, without having to work as an employee. Therefore, keep regular clients happy. Additionally, building a client base can also help you be recognised as a professional with credentials.


If you have a particularly happy client, and they have enjoyed working with you then encourage them to recommend you. Word of mouth recommendations is still one of the biggest driving forces of decision making. Therefore, ask clients to recommend to others, if they are pleased with your performance.

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