Finding Developer Jobs and Developer Careers

The growth in freelancer web developer jobs has been significant over the last five years. As the Digital economy grows so does the demand for Developer jobs and careers.

There are many options for Web Developers including permanent jobs, contracting and freelancing. There are additionally many types of Developer roles due to the growth and the demand for digital services continues. This includes mobile developers, software developers, front-end developers, back-end developers and now full stack developers.

There are many freelancers who use online platforms to gain clients and undertake freelance assignments – platforms such as Upwork and People per Hour. However, the competition is significant on these platforms and value is quite low for work in proportion.

In order to offer your developer skills as a freelancer, you will need the ability to understand the development process, programming knowledge or very good knowledge of a programming language and the ability to work to agreed deadlines. It is also important that you can deal effectively with clients and interpret a brief correctly.  When there is a misunderstanding the end sign off timings is affected as is your reputation so fully understanding client requirements at the offset is essential.

Here is a list of some useful Developer job sites:

Web developer jobs – web developer vacancies

Software developer jobs  - software developer vacancies

Technojobs - Developer Jobs - Over 1,000 Developer jobs

Mobile developer jobs – Mobile Developer vacancies

IT Contractor jobs - Contracts

IT graduate jobs - Job for graduates in IT

Often Developers may combine freelancing with a full-time role or a contract – or run multiple contracts concurrently. The key element for freelancers is to have the knowledge and skills and a portfolio of jobs that they can showcase to prospective clients.

Additionally as the world of tech and digital continues to evolve it is important for freelancers to keep their skills up to date and continue with key training to ensure that they have the latest skills available on the market.