Further Reading

Please find below a further collection of articles to help your understanding of IR35.

Does working at the client's site affect IR35? 
Article on the Revenue's thinking towards contractors working on site and during fixed hours. Do these factors determine whether you are inside IR35?

Does the right of substitution defeat IR35? 
The Revenue's thinking toward substitution clauses in agency contracts, and whether they do indeed defeat IR35. 

Why do agencies insist on control clauses in contracts 
With the introduction of IR35, it is important that "one man company" contractors ensure that their contracts accurately reflect the way they work.

IR35: The Obligation of Personal Service: what it is and why it matters 
This article is about one particular essential feature of employment contracts known as the Obligation of Personal Service.

IR35: Substitution, Control and Mutuality of Obligation 
A key article, provided by Accountax, addressing some of the key considerations in determining whether or not a contract for services will be subject to the IR35 rules.

Project-based work and operating outside IR35 
When attempting to draft a contract that falls outside the scope of IR35 it is very important to look at the nature of the work and to structure the work in the form of a project. Lawspeed like many other advisors place significant importance on the work and therefore the contract being project-based if an engagement is falling outside the scope of IR35. This is for a number of reasons.

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