IR35 Case Analysis

Please find below a list of articles relating to past IR35 cases.

Tilbury Consulting Ltd v Margaret Gittins: initial analysis
Theresa Naylor of Accountax, the firm representing Tilbury Consulting Ltd, on the clarification this decision provides.

PCG support helps contractor to only the second IR35 win
Lawspeed provide an analysis of the recent IR35 victory and the role the Revenue's error played in that result.

Stutchbury IR35 case - Practical Advice for Contractors
Andrew Leaitherland offers practical advice on what the Stutchbury ruling means for contractors on a day-to-day basis.

Synaptek IR35 judgement - legal analysis
An expert view on the judgement handed down last Friday at the High Court in the case of Synaptek versus the Inland Revenue, aka the Stutchbury case

Lime-IT IR35 Victory - Full analysis of the decision
The Lime-IT victory is the third and latest decision by the Special Commissioners on IR35. Full analysis of the judgement by John Antell.

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