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Freelance Web Designer

London-based freelance web designer and illustrator with more than 15 years of experience in visual communication.

Specialities: Digital Illustration & Web Design

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign

Key Skill:Web Designer Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Graphic Designer (Senior), Print Manager (MiddleWeight), Signage Designer (Senior), Illustrator (Senior), Web Designer (Senior), Web Animator (MiddleWeight), Typesetter (MiddleWeight), Miscellaneous (Junior)

Tags: digital-designer web-designer graphic-designer illustrator gif-animator html-animator



Robert Fiszer
Elusive Lines
Shop for Elusive Lines.
[ visit website ]
LDN Furniture
Website for bespoke furniture makers.
[ visit website ]
Logo Design
A collection of logos recently designed.
[ visit website ]
Cyclecare Kensington
Website designed for a bicycle shop in Kensington.
[ visit website ]
Animated Illustrations
Set of animated illustrations for Asthenius Capital
[ visit website ]
Website designed for a painter Carina Hernandez Diaz.
[ visit website ]
Content design for social media
Social media illustrated assets designed for Concern UK
[ visit website ]
Flying Hands
Website for Flying Hands who runs puppetry and drama clubs at schools
[ visit website ]
Merrill DataSite - Infographics
Infographics designed for the company's publication - Monthly M&A Insider.
[ visit website ]
Website for Heckmann Design
Designed with a modern and minimalist look it is based on Perch content management system.
[ visit website ]
Isabel's Puppets
Isabel Alonso Pola is an Amsterdam-based artist puppet maker and painter. This website is her online portfolio containing photo galleries and videos.
[ visit website ]

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