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Freelance Marketer

Seasoned marketing executive with a dynamic skillset and over 20 years' experience directing strategic marketing programmes and projects to support revenue and sales objectives.

I have 20 years of direct marketing and campaign management experience. Proven results and a solid work ethic help my drive for success in all things marketing. I am not afraid of a challenge! I guide dynamic teams to achieve collaborative results with core business development. I have solid acumen for brand promotion, customer retention and relationship management.

I have coordinated successful promotional campaigns, decreased market expenditure, and increased new customers. My revamping of marketing teams has lead to increased profitability and enhanced ROI.

My qualifications include:

Diploma, Digital Marketing Leadership
Proof Reading and Editorial Skills
BA (Hons) Business Administration
HND (Merits) Environmental Business Studies

Key Skill:Marketer Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Copywriter (Senior), Business / Commercial (MiddleWeight), Education (MiddleWeight), Finance (MiddleWeight), Lifestyle (MiddleWeight), Technology (MiddleWeight), Marketer (Senior), CRM / Database management (Senior), Internet Marketing / New Media (Senior), Market Research (Senior), Strategy (Senior), Brand Development (Senior), Editor / Proofreader (Senior), Business / Commercial (Senior), Children's (MiddleWeight), Medical / Clinical (MiddleWeight), Technical (Senior), Travel / Tourism (MiddleWeight), Campaign Management (Senior), Online / SEO (MiddleWeight), Telemarketing (MiddleWeight), Charity (Senior), Students (Senior), Social media marketing (MiddleWeight), Event Management (Senior), Food and Drink (MiddleWeight), PPC (MiddleWeight)

Tags: Strategic-Marketing Budget-Management Direct-Marketing



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