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Pitch Perfect Music Services is a music transcription and typesetting service, and online shop DOTS sells original music on behalf of composers (mostly transcribed by Pitch Perfect), based in Glasgow, Scotland.

I use perfect pitch to transcribe music from audio into professionally typeset scores, as well as copying from handwritten manuscripts. I am also an arranger and composer, do piano reductions and transpositions, and MIDI conversions. My credentials include a Masters degree and a BAHons in Music (including a First in Harmony and Aural Skills), both from Newcastle University; and a pass with Distinction from my ABRSM Grade 8 piano examination.

Pitch Perfect is the first one-stop service through which an original composition can go from existing only in the form of a rough MP3 or sketched out manuscript, to professional quality sheet music that is available for sale.

Clients may choose between Sibelius and Musescore: rates for Sibelius (recommended for formal uses such as publishing) are set at the minimum Musicians Union rate of £57.07/hour; rates for Musescore are set at £40/hour.

Key Skill:Miscellaneous Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Miscellaneous (Senior)

Tags: music music-transcription music-typesetting music-engraving composition arranging piano-reduction midi-conversion midi piano recording sibelius musescore



Sample page of piano composition
This piece was transcribed from audio alone; using my perfect pitch, I notated the piano straight from audio into Sibelius, and then typeset it to a professional publication-level standard.
Sample page of Symphony No. 7 by George Lloyd
This page was produced in the typesetting of Symphony No. 7 by George Lloyd. To create this (within the rest of the symphony), I copied from his handwritten manuscript into Sibelius in order to produce a legible, functional and publication-standard volume of the symphony.