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Freelance Marketer

Helping small and independent businesses know what to do when they don't know what they're doing.

You're aware you should be doing 'marketing', but you're not sure what that means, where to start, or how to do it properly. It's overwhelming.

I offer straightforward help at a fixed price that shows you how to set up the (right) basics for your business and teach you how to best use them.

Key Skill:Marketer Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Copywriter (Senior), Marketer (Senior), CRM / Database management (Senior), Internet Marketing / New Media (MiddleWeight), Strategy (Senior), Brand Development (Senior), Editor / Proofreader (Senior), Campaign Management (MiddleWeight), Social media marketing (MiddleWeight), Event Management (MiddleWeight)



A Little Extra
Once you're set up with the basics (or we've completed an audit) I'll provide you with a bespoke marketing plan to gain new business over the next 12 months, and a customer retention plan to maximise profit from existing ones.
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Just the Basics
You know your brand, and I'll help you shape it into something tangible. I'll teach you everything you need to get up and running. You'll be taught step-by-step how things work and how to maintain it yourself.

If you already have a website or social media, we can jump straight into an audit to improve them.
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Just in Case
For ongoing reassurance, you can keep in contact with me for a small monthly retainer fee.

For example, you might ask: My opinion on a blog you've written. Ideas for blogs or social media posts. To proofread a promotional email. Help with a website change. Float an idea past me and get my professional opinion.
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About Me
Leaving University with a Master’s in Work Psychology and Business, my first career stop was as a headhunter, where I found a knack for sales, before moving into marketing 7 years ago.

I've been a columnist, a reviewer, blogger, copywriter, and the poor soul who has to answer complaint tweets from the public.

I've marketed restaurants, bars, independent shops, enterprise software, website development and hosting, even an "ethical bank". I know how to learn the language of an audience.

I've created brands, strategies and increased sales for companies.

I'm a qualified AGILE Project
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