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I am an experienced copywriter specialising in content writing, blog writing, social media and web content.
I have over 16 years experience in marketing roles of which writing has been a big part and it doesn't hurt that I love to write!

I have a diverse portfolio of clients and organisations that I have worked with both in the B2B and B2C sectors. These sectors include IT, manufacturing, hotel refurbishment, housebuilding, recruitment, fashion, finance to name a few.

I am a skilled researcher. Even if I have no prior experience in your specific area, I take the time to ensure that I fully understand what I am writing about and the tone required, to become an extension of your organisation.

I am knowledgeable about SEO and writing for the web and guarantee that all of my content is unique and has a high readability score.

Contact me today! I look forward to working with you.

Key Skill:Copywriter Experience:Middle Weight

Other Skills:Copywriter (MiddleWeight), Business / Commercial (MiddleWeight), Finance (MiddleWeight), Health (MiddleWeight), Lifestyle (MiddleWeight), Technology (MiddleWeight), Travel / Tourism (MiddleWeight), Marketer (MiddleWeight), Internet Marketing / New Media (MiddleWeight), Market Research (MiddleWeight), Editor / Proofreader (MiddleWeight), Business / Commercial (MiddleWeight), Campaign Management (MiddleWeight), Online / SEO (MiddleWeight), Social media marketing (MiddleWeight), Event Management (MiddleWeight)

Tags: Copywriting Content-writing web-content-writing Social-Media Blog-writing Social-Media-Management blog content web-content writer copywriter b2b b2c


Hotel Bedroom design - small considerations Big Impact - Blog
A blog written for Chrysalis Contracts a hotel refurbishment company.
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Guide to choosing bar stools - Blog
Written for Lugo UK, hotel furniture manufacturer as an informative guide.
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Is that a Rolex? Lifestyle Blog
Luxury lifestyle blog discussing the prestigious watchmaker. Written for a luxury lifestyle blog.
Benefits of Leasing Hotel Furniture - Guide
Written for Lugo UK, hotel furniture manufacturer as an informative guide to their leasing option.
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Susana Cabrera - Blogs
4 blog posts written for the fashion brand Susana Cabrera. The brief provided just the titles and link to her website.
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The psychology of colour - Blog
Putting a different spin on design this blog was written for hotel furniture manufacturer Lugo UK, where I was a marketing manager.
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Four of the world’s most exorbitant trips of a lifetime. A bucket list for the affluent traveller.
A blog discussing some of the most expensive, luxurious trips that can be taken around the world. Written for a luxury lifestyle blog.
The Internet of Things, Small Business and Millennials - Blog
An informative blog discussing how businesses can engage with Millenials using the internet of things. Written for a digital marketing agency.
Best of Local Business - Blog
A conversational blog about the importance of supporting local businesses and the benefit to the community. Written for a digital marketing agency.
AI and Small Business Marketing - Blog
An informative blog/guide to artificial intelligence and whether it is essential for small Business Marketing. Written for a digital marketing agency.
Harvey Lawrence - 18 years of success - Blog
I was provided with interview questions and the brief was to formulate them into an article to be posted on the Harvey Lawrence, recruitment agency, blog.
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Suicide in Construction - Blog
Construction and Suicide Blog. Written for a construction recruiter to raise awareness of the problem of suicide in the construction industry.
A very interesting, yet sad blog to pull together, I researched this from scratch with just the subject as the brief.
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