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Copywriter specialising in up-to-the-minute SEO techniques. We use the world's most powerful software, updated daily, to conduct research and audits on client websites to ensure maximum efficiency on all content produced.

Key Skill:Copywriter Experience:Middle Weight

Other Skills:Copywriter (MiddleWeight), Business / Commercial (MiddleWeight), Education (Junior), Law (Senior), Technology (MiddleWeight), Marketer (MiddleWeight), Market Research (Junior), Strategy (Junior), Editor / Proofreader (MiddleWeight), Business / Commercial (Junior), Legal (Senior), Scientific (MiddleWeight), Technical (MiddleWeight), Online / SEO (MiddleWeight)

Tags: copywriter SEO content-creation



Quick Case Study
This article looks at the power of a blog post. We briefly look at a real company in Liverpool and how one individual blog post brought in nearly 2500 visitors to their website over a 12 month period. In contrast, the same company were running PPC for the same time period bringing in ~9000 visitors at the cost of over £20,000

The study demonstrates the benefits of a well-written, well-researched, well-distributed article.

Research Completed April 2019
3-4 minute reading time.

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