Limited Company Formation with Tide - Fast and free

Are you looking to create a limited company for your freelancer business? If you are, then Tide can help you do just that as well as allowing you to open a business bank account all at once. Make it a hassle free, smooth process. 

Limited company formation

Open a business account and register your limited company

Two-in-one – Tide will register your freelancer company and open your business account in one streamlined process, allowing you to do what you do best, run your freelance business.

Free – The process of opening a business bank account and company formation is free. Tide will even cover the company registration fee to help you get started on your business. 

Fast – It's a quick and easy process, your business account should be open in minutes, and your company is usually registered the same day.

Secure – Tide are a Companies House approved formation agent with a secure integration, so you’re in safe hands.

4 easy steps to register your company

You can get your limited company registered in four steps:

  • Make sure your chosen company name is available 
  • Enter your business and personal details
  • Receive your limited company certificate declaring that your company has been created and registered 
  • Receive details of your Tide current account 

What you will need to register your company:

You will need certain information before you can register your company and this includes:

Unique company name – You can use our search tool to instantly check if your company name is available.

Registered office address – This needs to be a physical address in the UK. It is where official communications will be sent, for example, letters from Companies House.

Director and shareholder information – The names, nationalities, dates of birth, occupations and addresses of each director, and the names of each shareholder, along with the number and value of the shares.

Register your limited company now!

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