Copywriting Guides

Copywriting - how to find work

By setting up an identity for yourself with a portfolio or online presence, you can start approaching potential clients and attend relevant business functions.

Copywriter rates and allowances

The rates for copywriting work vary according to the type of copy being written and the individual supplying the copy.

Who needs freelance copywriters?

Copy is everywhere, from the business blog you may reading to a brochure of a product. There is a great need for copywriters, for multiple different areas such as PR to advertising. 

Introduction to copywriting for freelancers

Copywriting as a freelancer can be fun and exciting, but what is a freelance copywriter and how much do they get paid?

Copywriting Jobs

Places to look for work!

Freelance writing skills are hot today, but always hotter if you have a niche

Hourly rates for writers are at £500, so can you pen quality articles with accuracy and skill?

Freelancers’ essentials for a tip-top copywriting portfolio

Four ‘must-dos’ to stand out from the copywriting competition as a freelancer.

Copywriter routes into the industry

With the variety of areas where freelance copywriters are required, there are a vast range of routes into this industry. 

Copywriting - Professional Bodies and Associations

Professional bodies and institutions.

Copywriting - Training and Tutorials

Online and offline training and tutorials for copywriters.

Copywriting - Useful Links

Copywriting - Useful Links

Copywriting - Recommended Reading

Recommended reading for freelance copywriters.