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Copywriting guide

The copywriting freelance market has few boundaries. Every word in every brochure, advert, website and leaflet is written by somebody. Some of this will be written in-house or by marketing / PR firms, some by the freelance copywriter.

Who needs freelance copywriters?

The market for copywriters is vast and is expanding all the time thanks mainly to the Internet where company information and marketing has to be up-to-date as soon as news breaks or a new product line is released.

Copywriter routes into the industry

With the vast range of areas where freelance copywriters that are required there are a vast range of routes into this industry.

Copywriting - how to find work

By setting up an identity for yourself with a portfolio or online presence then you can start approaching potential clients and flexing your networking muscles by attending relevant business functions.

Copywriter rates and allowances

The rates for copywriting work vary according to the type of copy being written and the individual supplying the copy.

Copywriting Jobs

Places to look for work!

Copywriting - Professional Bodies and Associations

Professional bodies and institutions.

Copywriting - Training and Tutorials

Online and offline training and tutorials for copywriters.

Copywriting - Useful Links

Copywriting - Useful Links

Copywriting - Recommended Reading

Recommended reading for freelance copywriters.