Getting a mortgage as a freelancer

Some traditional lenders require three years of accounts for freelancers before they will even consider giving a mortgage. With such low percentage rates, many providers are happy to lend money with a more fitting amount of security and shopping around can provide excellent results.

getting a mortgage as a freelancer

Independent financial advisors can be a very good source of potential deals and, if familiar with your financial circumstances may hold sway with the provider to help leverage a deal.

Other sources of a good mortgage can be your local bank, as they know your financial situation better than anyone they may accept a mortgage proposal from you where others refuse.

At FreelanceUK, we’re committed to providing the best possible products & services for our members and that is why we have teamed up with CMME; one of the UK’s leading mortgage specialists for contractors, freelancers, and self-employed professionals.

As a freelancer, if you are thinking about either buying a new property, remortgaging or going for the buy-to-let option, CMME can help you find your new home with a fair mortgage. Freelancers and the self-employed are usually treated unfairly as their income is not as regular as an employee. However, as CMME specialise in the freelancer mortgages, you can be sure that you will get a fair deal. CMME offer the following to freelancers, small business owners, self-employed and contractors:

  • You can borrow up to 5 x your annualised income
  • Offer some of the most competitive rates in the market
  • Deals designed exclusively for freelancers and self-employed, contractors and the small business owners
  • Experts in complex income
  • 93% of client applications are successful
  • CMME has helped over 25,000 clients get the mortgage they deserve

Having helped thousands of independent professionals obtain the mortgage funding they require, CMME are ready and able to help you finance your new home or property. To get the process started, simply fill in the form below or visit CMME.”

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