Running your business

Clients Working From Home Your Accounts Day-to-day Business

12 ways to crank up your clients' loyalty
How to turn your most valuable customers into regulars who recommend you.

Contract basics for freelancers
Seven questions freelancers should ask about their contract.

Choosing your clients
How to choose profitable clients that boost the ‘feel good’ factor as well as your portfolio.

Communicating with clients
Nurturing good clients will reap rewards many times the effort invested.

Whose clients are they anyway?
Legal tips on whether old contacts should stay in the past.

Creating proposals
If you have been invited to submit a proposal on a project you will need to detail how you would carry out work on the project in question.

Contracts and schedules
The terms you agree with your client ahead of starting work are critical in terms of protecting your business. As every freelancer will tell you, document everything, the services you agree to carry out - the project's requirements, timescales and any other considerations to ensure successful project completion - at the start and any changes to that brief during the project.

How to manage difficult clients
As a freelancer, encountering a difficult client could be described as an occupational hazard that needs to be dealt with carefully and strategically...

Top 10 tips to happy clients
Some brief tips to ensure repeat business.

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