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Freelancing: Tools of the Trade
Mike Doyle writes on finding your feet in the world of freelancing and offers some popular tools to help you on your way.

Working from home - office space
Homeworking brings with it many considerations, including organising your home office area, maximising productivity, routines and tax implications.

Work from home guide for freelancers
Top tips on the pitfalls and rewards of starting up at home.

Home working versus shared studio space
Just for the low overheads, the majority of freelancers base themselves at home, travelling to client site as and when needed.

Freelancers working from home – trouble concentrating?
Ideas for disciplining yourself if you struggle on the motivation front.

Working from home : ten tips
Getting the work/life balance right.

Home phone service gets worse
Only the young phone firms aren't missing a trick.
Apr 11, 2008

Home workers: 'we're not really working'
Children are the biggest drag on home-based workers’ productivity.
Jun 1, 2007

Why you should work from home
Home-based workers: cut your costs by 'going green.'
May 18, 2007

UK invited to work from home
May 18 is an opportunity, not an excuse for an extra day off.
May 8, 2007

Smart working 'can solve congestion crisis'
The answer to Stern and Eddington is ‘staring us in the face.’
Dec 7, 2006

Why firms should let staff work from home
Better work; more of it, less pollution and reduced costs – can firms really afford to say no?
Nov 15, 2006

Flexible home working – making life better
The benefits for employer, workers and the environment from the greater use of homeworking are now well documented, but are managers up to the job?
Sep 20, 2006

Most entrepreneurs want to be 'at-home'
Only a minority of self-employed turn their backs on the 'revolution'.
Jul 18, 2006

Bright young sparks demand 'home working'
Tomorrow’s talents say they will shun 9-5 office work.
Jun 27, 2006

Women 'denied' right to work from home
Sexism and naivety keeps women from the smarter ways of working.
Jun 19, 2006

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