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Money News Taxman to demystify car expenses for freelancers
July's HMRC advice sessions include paperwork, online filing and claiming for mileage.
Jun 16, 2017

Money News Inflation rise 'adds to freelancers' cost concerns'
New inflation data won't allay freelancers' fears about their input costs, says IPSE.
Jun 15, 2017

Money News Freelancers' IFA sees softer Brexit as a good thing
Uncertainty amid May's EU deal could help some freelancers with their own negotiations.
Jun 13, 2017

Money News Freelancers’ Questions: Should I deregister for VAT due to the FRS changes?
When it’s worth leaving the Flat Rate Scheme as a ‘limited cost’ freelancer.
Apr 24, 2017

Money News Anti-late payment plan tabled by Corbyn
Labour vows to hit big firms that leave small suppliers in the financial lurch.
Apr 22, 2017

Money News Making Tax Digital 'to cost £2,800 per trader'
CEBR says freelancers face three times more in MTD costs than the government estimates.
Apr 19, 2017

Money News Stressed traders say they tackle paperwork alone
'Time and health seem to suffer for those who go it alone and stay alone, without help.'
Apr 11, 2017

Money News Freelancers alerted to Lifetime ISA penalty
New savings account a 'step in the right direction', but beware the pitfall, says IPSE.
Apr 10, 2017

Money News Cheques to go through within one working day
Digital imaging boosts the prospects (and clearing times) of paper payments.
Mar 28, 2017

Money News New guide unveiled on Flat Rate VAT changes
Get the official word on whether you’re a limited cost trader, and likely to pay more VAT.
Mar 15, 2017

Money News Apps are absent at two-thirds of taxpaying traders
No tax software inside most small ventures will make MTD a hard slog.
Feb 21, 2017

Money News Rethink Flat Rate VAT changes, HMRC urged
Freelancers seen in the collateral from a clampdown on a popular VAT scheme.
Feb 17, 2017

Money News 'Don’t automatically accept automatic tax penalties'
Charity says your excuse for being fined £100 may be reasonable enough to have it overturned.
Feb 14, 2017

Money News Freelancers face £280 bill to make their tax digital
HMRC hints at a let-off, saying your digital account will only cost you hundreds, not thousands.
Feb 6, 2017

Money News Traders continue to leave VAT man £2.6bn short
Late payers the likely cause of a still ‘stubbornly high’ VAT debt mountain.
Jan 23, 2017

Money News Calls mount to shelve Making Tax Digital
Panel of MPs joins chorus calling for a delay, at least to '2019/20, possibly later.'
Jan 16, 2017

Money News Top 10 fanciful excuses for late tax returns
When self-assessors try the ridiculous to avoid being penalised.
Jan 5, 2017

Money News Slowest paying cities for freelancers -- revealed
Manchester puts Sheffield to shame in the prompt payment stakes, study finds.
Dec 16, 2016

Money News Flat Rate VAT webinars to take freelancers' questions
Log-on for an early but official steer on what 2017’s changes might mean for you.
Dec 9, 2016

Money News Six simple steps for self-assessing freelancers
How to get in front of your first tax return, so HMRC isn’t on your back.
Dec 7, 2016

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