Female tax officer 'took under-the-table payments'

A female employee at HM Revenue & Customs is reportedly under investigation by the department for allegedly giving more than 20 companies inflated VAT rebates worth over £2million.

The official was yesterday said to be one of eight people identified by police and HMRC as potentially being linked to the suspected scam, which may have cost taxpayers £2.4m since its alleged commencement two years ago, The Sunday Times reported.

Speaking to the newspaper, a businessman suspected of involvement said he'd been questioned about a single tax rebate running into the tens of thousands of pounds: “They were asking questions about a particular tax official, but I said I didn’t know her.”

Another unnamed source was quoted as saying that a “woman on the inside at HMRC” had been accused of authorising transactions in return for “under-the-table” payments. However, the department declined to confirm or deny the allegation.

A spokesperson for the Revenue told the paper: “ We do not comment on ongoing investigations…[but] we will always thoroughly investigate any allegations of wrongdoing.”

Feb 18, 2014
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