Four in 10 freelancers see fewer contracts

Despite some recent rays of hope, freelancers are still finding job opportunities hard to come by – and it may be getting harder, a sector study suggests.


A poll of its members by PCG, the trade group for freelancers, shows that almost half of such professionals think that the volume of prospects in their sector is shrinking.


In fact, 43 per cent of the freelancers said new opportunities had dried up, in line with an annual contraction in temporary worker demand measured by IT recruiters with the REC.


By contrast about a quarter of the freelancers felt new prospects were on the up, with 24% reporting that the pool of opportunities to supply their services is widening.


A third of PCG members aren’t convinced either way, saying prospects in their sector appear to be holding steady, with no obvious rise or fall in the stock of temporary contracts.

May 28, 2012
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