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How freelancers can succeed, not cringe, at self-marketing

A guide on promoting oneself as a self-respecting consultant, averse to US-inspired tripe.

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Marketing & PR openings 'leading in London'

Softness in advertising will be hard for job-seekers in its bedfellow industry to believe.

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Marketing and PR News and Industry Guides

  • Marketing Guides
  • Marketing Introduction
    Most business people are not experts at marketing. So they either employ someone to do it for them, or look for outside assistance from professionals. Hence the marketing industry is born. And with it, the marketing agency.. and more recently, the marketing freelancer.
  • Marketing: Routes into the industry
    As a freelancer offering marketing services, do you need formal qualifications or experience? A freelance marketing expert tells you how to get your foot in the door.
  • Marketing tools
    Tips and advice on the essential marketing tools to ensure you convey your services effectively to your potential clients.
  • Who needs marketing professionals?
    The opportunities available to you, whether you have industry-specific knowledge or agency experience. Which companies should you target as those more likely to have available budget - and how to tackle those vague clients unsure of their needs.
  • Marketing: Rates and allowances
    Knowing how much to charge is always one of the most difficult things to work out. This article contains tips and advice to make sure you are both competitive and profitable.
  • Marketing: How to find work
    Identifying potential clients: raiding your Filofax, Networking, alliance partnerships and milking the entrepreneur spirit.
  • Marketing: Legal issues
    Some of the key legal issues that you need to be aware of as a freelance marketer.
  • Marketing: Professional bodies and useful links
    Links to professional bodies and associations for freelance marketers.

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