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Historically, local or national press was the staple diet of the mainstream advertiser, in 2008 offline ads are seen as expensive and potentially wasteful when not used effectively.

Printed media can still offer an effective opportunity to reach your target audience. Firstly, have a look at the publication you're interested in advertising and see if any competitors you are aware of advertise there. Call the publication and ask for circulation numbers and, if possible the geographic spread as this will help you if you have completed your market research correctly. Prices for press adverts differ drastically from publication to publication, weigh up the potential number of clients compared to the total cost of the advert and dividing the total cost of the advert by the number of potentials you may reach will give you a cost per potential for the advert, this formula is useful if you have many like-minded publications to choose from and are looking to achieve the lowest cost per view available.

The more astute publishers will have an online presence in addition where advertisers are also given a presence.

Ads can be inserted into specialist trade magazines if you’re looking to target a niche industry, or your local Chamber of Commerce magazine to target a geographic area. Similarly you may choose to use this media to insert a leaflet as a means of promoting yourself.

Use some method of identifying where the leads have come from to unable you to measure the response; perhaps a specific email address or a code to quote when they call.

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