Marketing plan

The basis for your marketing plan can be the ‘4 Ps’:


Details what products you are offering your clients.


Details your pricing strategy; you may have a price range that depends on the service you offer. For instance a premium, specialised and value-added service for your higher rate, or a ‘bells and whistles free’ basic package where clients are price sensitive.


Where and how you will sell your service.


The means by which you’ll raise awareness of your service to your clients, be it PR, referral marketing or direct marketing etc.


In previous articles we have covered overall company objectives and the marketing strategy and objectives to reach those aims. Your marketing plan will now commit to paper what marketing activities (tactics) you will undertake, when and for what end objective and budget and how its success will be tracked and measured. It should also schedule in a review to ascertain how each campaign or marketing effort has fared.

If you are reviewing your marketing plan after successfully running your own business, it is still worth revisiting your objectives and resulting strategy – market conditions and your own overall company objectives or mission will change, so this will of course impact on which tactics you use for the year ahead to keep ahead of the competition.

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