Referral marketing

Word of mouth recommendation is as important to the creative freelancer as it is to any business. Business that comes to you, already aware of what you do and with the endorsement of a satisfied customer means no hefty marketing costs to obtain that client.

Not enough freelancers make full use of their personal and business network to secure as much business as they could using this method of marketing however. In this section we briefly cover many other forms of marketing, some direct but most indirectly raising awareness of your services to a defined section of the general public.

Referral marketing brings clients directly to you through people you already know.

Done properly it is an effective method of working with existing clients, suppliers and other contacts on a two way basis. You reward those contacts for passing you business; each new contact that comes your way is another person that can refer new clients to you. Over time the contacts you know become your sales force.

There is a structured method for utilising this method of marketing to its full potential. As with any other form of marketing it needs to be an organised effort, but mostly it’s changing the way you think about opportunities that could be right under your nose. Vince Golder sets out a plan for action in his referral marketing book for freelancers, which is retailing at half price for Freelance Alliance members here.

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