Recommended Reading for Journalists

Willings Press guide - The editorial and advertising media contacts bible. This publication contains named contacts for a wide range of UK publications, if not available through Amazon the title can be bought direct from the publishers - Willings Press.

Writers Handbook - In the many years since its first appearance The Writer's Handbook has developed into a highly useful reference book for writers, journalists, publishers, editors, agents, screen writers and broadcasters. Every writer, established or aspiring, needs a contacts book and this--with its 700-plus pages of names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, websites and advisory essays--is an excellent starting point.

The " Guardian" Media Directory: 2007 - "The Guardian Media Directory" lists the addresses, phone numbers, websites and key personnel for companies in every sector of the media, from digital television to magazines, regional newspapers to publishing houses, think tanks to charities. This edition is fully updated, contains over 10,000 contacts and has been redesigned throughout so that it is now even easier and quicker to find what you're looking for.

The Elements of Journalism: What Newspeople Should Know and the Public Should Expect - This work sets out the fundamental questions that all journalists face as they compile their stories. Is journalism's first obligation the truth? How should journalists exercise their personal conscience? Must its practitioners maintain their independence from those they cover?

The Universal Journalist - This fully updated introduction to all aspects of being a journalist includes new sections on handling numbers ad statistics, computer assisted reporting and writing for the Web, as well as an extensive revised chapter on what makes a good reporter, and a new section on sources.

An Introduction to Journalism - Anyone studying journalism, or training for the industry, will benefit from the broad scope of information and guidance packed into this textbook. Those already employed in journalism or related areas will also find it useful as a reference book.

Writing for Journalists - about the craft of journalistic writing: how to put one word after another so that the reader gets the message or the joke, goes on reading and comes back for more. Whether students, trainees or professionals, Writing for Journalists is a practical guide for all those who write for publication in newspapers and periodicals.

Journalism Online - tackles the pressing question of how to apply fundamental journalism skills to the online medium. It provides an essential guide to the Internet as a research and publishing tool. In particular, it examines how to forge key journalism skills with the distinctive qualities of the World Wide Web to provide compelling web content.

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