How to find work

As already discussed local newspapers can be a great place to start. If you are still at school and are considering a career as freelance journalist then why not call your local paper and see if you can gain some work experience with their staff writers.

Speak to other professionals. Make best use of online discussion forums, email news groups and while at events that you are covering make sure you speak to other journalists who are on assignment. Like all walks of life you may well end up walking away from some conversations swearing you will never speak to another journalist again, on other occasions you may make a good contact. Speaking to associates is all about networking and to be a successful journalist, like any other form of freelance work you will find benefit in a wide networking circle.

For those who don't like the look of their local reporters, use the online resources available to you. We have listed several places where you can look for work in our resources for freelance journalists section.

There really is a wealth of work available to the freelance journalist but like all industries you will succeed or fail on your own merits and early starts and late finishes may well be the norm to report the story that no-one else has.

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