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Freelance Web Designer


I'm Sam, a Freelance Web Designer & Developer who has been making websites for 20 years.

Based in Sussex I make websites and provide digital services for small businesses and individuals.

Custom WordPress or static (no cms) sites that respond to the devices they are viewed on. Always thinking about performance, accessibility and security. Using Amazon Web Services for hosting and content delivery to keep things speedy.

Alexa Skills for Amazon Echo

Troubleshoot and repair broken or hacked sites (whether it's based on WordPress or not)

I'm a nice friendly guy always happy to answer your questions.

When working on a project I always see it as "working with" rather than "working for". I think about your needs, not mine :)

Key Skill:Web Designer Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Web Designer (Senior), Search Engine Optimiser (Senior), Web Animator (Senior), CMS Developer (Senior), E-Commerce Developer (Senior), Hosting / Domain Management (Senior), Multimedia / Film / Video (Senior), Client Side Developer (Senior), Server Side Developer (Senior), Marketer (Senior), CRM / Database management (Senior), Internet Marketing / New Media (Senior), Brand Development (Senior), Miscellaneous (Senior), Campaign Management (MiddleWeight), Film / Video / Multimedia (Senior), Flash (Senior), After Effects (Senior), Final Cut Pro (Senior)

Tags: web-development web-developer developer html5 css3 static-site php frontend frontend-development html wordpress jekyll kirby webdesign web-design graphic-design design after-effects motion-graphics video animation



Vidal Sassoon
Design for homepage.
Max Factor Flawless Perfection
Design of campaign microsite to promote a new type of dual layer foundation from Max Factor
Barsmith Cocktail bar and eatery
Design and build of responsive website for new bar restaurant in Clerkenwell. Built using static site generator Jekyll for simple updating.
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Deluxe Catering - WordPress site using WooCommerce for online ordering
Design and development of a new site for private jet catering company. A custom WordPress theme was developed, using WooCommerce for the online ordering and registration functionality.
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WordPress site for Really Creative Media
Design and development of WordPress site for a creative company working in broadcast, media and events.

Built with modular components to allow the client to be creative with a project showcase page, but keep within the boundaries of the brand.
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Balham Nursery School and Children's Centre
I often work with graphic designers who require some digital work as part of a bigger project they are working on.

Graphic Designer Kieli Bibbings and myself worked together to give Balham Nursery School and Children's Centre a shiny new website that's easy to maintain.
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Imperial War Museum
Under the direction of creative agency NewAngle the application was designed and developed as part of a new exhibition for the Imperial War Museum about family life in London during the Second World War.

It is currently running on three large touchscreens as part a permanent exhibition in the museum.
Smart Commerce Cafe
Touchscreen installed in the visitors cafe at O2 Head Office. The site was also the first thing a user would see if they connected to the O2 Cafe wifi.

The aim of the project was to demonstrate technology used in stores and on coaches creating a intranet type network delivering offline content to an immediate audience.
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Planet Enfield - Touchscreen application
Working with Newangle, a creative agency which specialise in interactive installations. We were provided with a large amount of content about the many cultures within the borough and how their histories have contributed and can seen in Enfield today.

Under Newangle's direction I designed and developed "Planet Enfield", a colourful engaging touchscreen application that was received by a very happy client.

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Working for hummel who are based on Denmark I worked closely with the art director to design and build a campaign site for a new training shoe launched that summer.

From the initial brief myself and hummel brainstormed ideas for the campaign. I then put together wireframes and designs. When the design stage was finalised, I built the site, edited and colour corrected videos.

Created Flash elements, produced a demonstration video and wrapped it all up in a PHP CMS for the client to use to maintain the site themselves.
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Anne Frank - Digital Edition for iPad and nook
Involved throughout the project, I delivered concepts, designs, 3D, textures, icons, video and all things visual.
With access to such a rich collection of content, including the diary itself. It was a great opportunity to work on something so important.

Using After Effects and Cinema4D I created videos to visualise how the cameras and lighting should be used and to define the timings of the animations.

The clips were then used to communicate to the stakeholders how the app would look and function. The development team would also use for reference when building the app in Unity3D.
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