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Freelance Editor / Proofreader

With over 16 years experience in creative writing, marketing and communications, Words Media can cater for all of your editorial needs. Fast, reliable service at competitive rates.

Key Skill:Editor / Proofreader Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Journalist (MiddleWeight), Feature Writing (MiddleWeight), Arts / Entertainment Review (Junior), Babies / Children / Maternity (Junior), Beauty / Fashion (MiddleWeight), Lifestyle (MiddleWeight), Travel/ Tourism (MiddleWeight), Copywriter (Senior), Arts / Entertainment (MiddleWeight), Business / Commercial (MiddleWeight), Lifestyle (MiddleWeight), Travel / Tourism (MiddleWeight), Editor / Proofreader (Senior), Business / Commercial (MiddleWeight), Children's (MiddleWeight), Travel / Tourism (MiddleWeight), Online / SEO (MiddleWeight), Food and Drink (MiddleWeight)

Tags: copywriting-press releases-features-web articles-editing-proofreading


About Words Media
Words Media offers fresh and exciting creative copy and editorial services. With a degree in Media Production with Journalism, I have been creating clear, concise and effective copy for over 14 years in different industry areas such as education, group leisure, food and meat, toiletries and cosmetics. Experienced in all forms of creative writing, communications and marketing, Words Media was created to help utilise my years of experience to do what I love best - creating copy! Find out more about my career history by taking a peek at my CV!