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Freelance Editor / Proofreader

I wear two hats - equally well! Firstly I am an illustrator/artist, and my work has been published in many children's books and advertising projects. Secondly I am a published writer/journalist and subeditor. I am particularly enthusiastic about anything nature-related, but can draw or write about pretty much anything. You will also find me on LinkedIn, and my website is

Key Skill:Editor / Proofreader Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Illustrator (Senior), Cartoon / Caricature (Senior), Childrens (Senior), Storyboard (MiddleWeight), Technical (Senior), Copywriter (Senior), Agriculture (Senior), Arts / Entertainment (MiddleWeight), Business / Commercial (Senior), Health (MiddleWeight), Lifestyle (Senior), Medical (MiddleWeight), Technology (Senior), Travel / Tourism (Senior), Editor / Proofreader (Senior), Business / Commercial (Senior), Children's (Senior), Medical / Clinical (MiddleWeight), Scientific (MiddleWeight), Travel / Tourism (Senior), Photojournalist (Senior), Feature Writing (Senior), Automotive (Senior), Agriculture (MiddleWeight), Business / Corporate (Senior), Food and Drink (MiddleWeight), Lifestyle (Senior), Medical (MiddleWeight), Students (MiddleWeight), Food and Drink (MiddleWeight)

Tags: illustrations-journalism-subediting-copywriting



Pencil crayon
This is one of several pencil crayon drawings about a family about to go on holiday.
Blue-footed Boobies
A series of my drawings of birds and animals executed mainly in watercolour illustrated a children's reader.
cat drawing
I undertake commissions for portraits of pets, children, or anything that people would love a drawing/painting of.
A storyboard-type/cartoon illustration teaching children where knitting wool comes from. It was executed in Magic Markers and pen.
Logo for stationery
I initially designed this by hand, then scanned it into Freehand, redrew it and created the various fills to digitise it entirely for tweaking when necessary.
Troubled teenager
A mixed media drawing to illustrate a schoolbook story about teenagers with issues. The publisher requested the large eyes, which were (weirdly) popular with children at the time.
Oil painting of Dublin
This oil painting of a tricolour corgi is a good example of my portraiture skills. For more examples of drawings and paintings in pencil, biro, watercolour and more, please go to my website.
[ visit website ]
Copy Editing
I'm currently regularly copy editing Marine Habitat and Tropical Habitat magazines, which combines my editing skills with my love of nature, and furthers my knowledge of the natural world. Great fun!
4x4 Magazine Article
I was sponsored by Toyota to drive a Fortuna in Namibia with a group of adventurous women, and this is the resulting article that I wrote. It appeared in one of South Africa's most popular outdoor magazines.
Article for Explore magazine
I visited a beautiful private game reserve in the Waterberg Biosphere in South Africa, and enjoyed game drives and a walk in the reserve. My visit coincided with the reserve's lowering of a boundary fence with a neighbour, to allow freer movement of animals. It was an exciting time to be there.
Africa Geographic Magazine
I spent 6 months living in a tent in the Kruger National Park in South Africa a few years ago, training to be a Field Guide to improve my knowledge of nature and hence my environmental journalism.nalism. This article was one of several short ones that I wrote - and took the photographs for - that were published in Africa Geographic magazine
Africa Geographic magazine article
I was fortunate enough to be invited to witness the uniting of two private game reserves in South Africa for the benefit of the animals and vegetation. That same evening, the first elephant cautiously stepped into the newly-accessible area, and the rest followed shortly after. I suspect they were watching from a distance as the fence was lowered.