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Freelance Copywriter


I'm Doug Nolan, a content writer and copywriter with 20 years' experience writing for some of the UK's biggest brands. I write copy for websites, blogs, videos, print and broadcast.

I specialise in online tone of voice development and brand language - making your business sound more human online across websites, blogs and social media so you can communicate more effectively. I've helped everyone from ambitious start-ups to the NHS to reach more people, get more responses or make more money.

Most people hire me as a content writer, making their online presence more appealing, while remaining effective for search engines. I work in print and broadcast too, writing things like brochures, posters, scripts and full campaigns.

You can see some examples of my content writing and offline copywriting below. And to check my availability or find out more, just visit

Clients: Glenfiddich,NHS Health Scotland,ntl (now Virgin Media),Bank of Scotland,The Scottish Government,Apex Technology

Key Skill:Copywriter Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Journalist (Senior), Feature Writing (Senior), Arts / Entertainment Review (Senior), Automotive (MiddleWeight), Beauty / Fashion (Senior), Food and Drink (Senior), Health (Junior), Information Technology (Junior), Lifestyle (Senior), Medical (Junior), Popular Culture (Senior), Travel/ Tourism (Senior), Copywriter (Senior), Agriculture (Senior), Arts / Entertainment (Senior), Business / Commercial (Senior), Education (Senior), Finance (Senior), Health (Senior), Lifestyle (Senior), Technology (Senior), Travel / Tourism (Senior), Marketer (Senior), Internet Marketing / New Media (Senior), Strategy (Junior), Brand Development (Senior), Editor / Proofreader (Senior), Business / Commercial (Senior), Children's (Senior), Medical / Clinical (Senior), Scientific (Senior), Technical (Senior), Travel / Tourism (Senior), Online / SEO (Senior), Charity (Senior), Students (Senior), Social media marketing (Senior), Food and Drink (Senior), Technical Author (Senior)

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Blog content writer
We wrote this blog content to help an IT company develop their employer brand. The blog was then incorporated as part of a wider social media campaign, resulting in the successful recruitment of top IT people.
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TV ad copywriter
How do you show an ad for a Burns Night cookery book, by a cook who is a cartoon character (Ma Broon), without showing her, and without giving her a voice? At the same time, promote the Sunday Post newspaper, who are giving the book away with every copy.

Well Robbie Burns was a master of words, so he could probably have made a recipe sound poetic. Of course, the recipe would have to be for haggis...
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Corporate copywriter
In conjunction with Edinburgh Council, Careers Scotland and local teachers, Standard Life launched a programme to help prepare school leavers for the transition from school to work. I provided words for various materials, including posters, video scripts and handy information packs housed in CD jewel cases.

This campaign earned Standard Life a Business Innovation Award at The Scottish Executive's Enterprise in Education Awards.
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Advertorial copywriter
Direct Holidays wanted to use national newspapers to tell people about their holiday offers. And they wanted an approach that made them stand out. So rather than just using 'bucket and spade' imagery, I wrote these mock horoscopes to encourage people to book, working in all the benefits of doing so with Direct Holidays. The light-hearted tone made it easy for the reader to read more and take in the facts.

See - tone of voice is important.
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Leaflet copywriter
Temporarily branding their snack-sized milk cartons with Disney's Incredibles characters, Robert Wiseman needed an in-store flyer to promote them.

The challenge here was to talk to kids and their parents at the same time. So for parents, I gave nutritional messages and reassurance that the product is natural. For kids, I used a tone of voice that told them how milk could make them big and strong, with Disney's Incredibles characters as a backdrop.
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Website copywriter
We helped a new government agency to establish its voice online.

Food Standards Scotland was a brand new government agency, taking over from the Food Standards Agency. So they needed a brand new website, with content merged from no less than four different sites.

Once the structure was in place, all their web copy needed to be edited to have a consistent tone of voice, appropriate for a number of different audiences.

Tall order. But we wrote it on budget, and on time.
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Door drop copywriter
How do you sell a package of TV, broadband Internet and telephone to students? Well through the medium of toast naturally - students love it. I wrote the words to be a little bit cheeky, giving them something they'd pass around the house and find amusing. A burned toast follow-up suggested they shouldn't leave it too late to grab the deal. Response rates were high, meaning a good deal for lazy* students, and a happy client.

*The Word Department is sure that many students are conscientious and hardworking. Don't write in.
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Online video content writer
Scottish Enterprise wanted to help businesses understand there's more to innovation than just developing new products, and that innovating is just as beneficial to smaller businesses as it is to larger ones.

I wrote this video content to get across the necessary points, and the finished animation was then uploaded and promoted on social media. It gained an enormous amount of publicity for Scottish Enterprise's message, received many positive comments online, and even picked up a commendation at the Scottish Creative Awards.
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Financial copywriter
I've got quite a bit of experience in financial copywriting - both for consumers and IFAs.

With this project, Bank of Scotland Corporate wanted to communicate their Housing Finance product to people, using a unique stationery holder designed to keep them at the front of potential clients' minds. So I wrote a no-nonsense brochure in clear and persuasive language, telling the story of each case study's objectives, clients and the creative approaches the bank came up with.

Just one of these packs alone generated a deal worth £75 million.
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Sales promotion copywriter
Known all over the world for their fine whisky, Glenfiddich needed words for point-of-sale materials to promote their single malt, with its existing strapline of 'Inspiring great conversation since 1887'. So I wrote from the starting point of there being a free conversation with every glass - this even became a headline in itself.

I also wrote a little booklet called 'The Conversation Piece', to get people talking in bars. It's actually a mini-script, to be used by two people, and featuring some of the smartest and wittiest comebacks in history.
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Brand naming copywriter
The National Self-Build and Renovation Centre decided to hold an enormous five-day show focusing on eco-friendly building. So they needed a name for the show, and some ads to promote it. I came up with a list of names, and they chose my favourite: The Big Green Home Show. Then I used the ads to focus on the specific benefits of the kind of products being displayed at the show, such as organic paint and natural insulation. Using a simple, conversational tone of voice, the ads appealed to people who weren't experts, but wanted to learn about building their own eco-friendly home.
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Investment copywriter
The secret to investment copywriting (aside from a great deal of experience) is getting the information across to your audience in the correct manner, whether they're consumers or IFAs. So when ethical investors Ecclesiastical wanted to tell people about their award-winning Amity Funds, I wrote this copy to be informative and open, with the facts laid bare for all to see. A lot of investment copy can be too technical and quite convoluted, but Ecclesiastical's tone of voice allows them to be friendly, clear and informative all at the same time - tying in with their honest and open approach
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